Celebrating with Willie and Friends at Sullivan’s


Willie and Friends music concert Christchurch New Zealand

We are celebrating New Zealand’s new level of social freedom with a special Willie and Friends concert tomorrow, Wednesday 10th June, at Sullivan’s Irish Pub, Lincoln Road, Christchurch. We will be performing along with the fabulous Kay Duncan (www.facebook.com/kayduncanmusic) and the multi-talented Willie McArthur (www.facebook.com/williemcarthurmusic).

The gig starts at 7:00PM and we’d love to see you there (clicking on the photo will take you to the Facebook event). Meanwhile, ask yourself: how many new songs did James and Anna learn during lockdown? : ) : )

Vegan Night Mākete in January

A very Happy New Year to all!

We are looking forward to starting the new year in style by playing at the Vegan Night Mākete this Saturday, 25th January. We will be playing from 5:00PM – 5:30PM and again from 7:00PM – 7:30PM. The other performers are Piyush Misra, Paul Seymour, and an interactive drum session with Dekaworwor West African drum group facilitated by Maganui.

Live music and local plant-based foods and goods
Saturday 25th January, Christchurch, New Zealand